The knowledge of airbag

- Feb 13, 2018-

The airbag system is a passive safety (see Automotive Safety) protection system that, when used with a seat belt, provides effective occupant protection against collision. When a car collides, the car's airbag reduces head injuries by 25% and facial injuries by about 80%.

Airbag is an accessory protection device for the airbag system. It is made of special fabric nylon with rubber lining and filled with harmless helium when working. Airbag inflation takes about 0.03 seconds in the event of a collision. Very fast inflation rate to ensure that when the passenger's body is strapped to the seatbelt

While the head is still moving forward, the airbag can be put in place in time. When the head touches the airbag, the airbag begins to vent through the pores in the airbag surface. The gas is discharged at a certain rate to ensure that the body parts are slowly decelerated. As the airbag bounce inflatable speed up to 320 km / h, collision if the person's posture is not correct, will bring serious harm.